IKKY Heat, Thermistor Temperature Sensor Replacement American Heat, iHeat Brands, Models AH, AHS, AHSD (Small)

  • $34.99
  • Guardar $5

IKKY HEAT, Thermistor Temperature Sensor Replacement of the Inlet Temperature Sensor in the Electric Tankless Water Heater of American Heat and iHeat Brands. Compatible with the following models of the American Heat Brand: Inlet Sensor in (AH-27, AH-24, AH-21, AH-18, AH-16, AH-14, AH-11) and the iHeat Brand: Inlet Sensor in (AHS-27, AHS-24, AHS-21, AHS-18, AHS-16, AHS-14, AHS-11) and Inlet Sensor in (AHS27D, AHS24D, AHS21D, AHS18D, AHS16D, AHS14D, AHS11D)

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