IKKY HEAT, Heating Element HE7K240VS, 7000W-240V, Replacement EcoSmart, Eemax, iHeat, Rheem, Richmond Brands, Stainless Steel Material

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IKKY HEAT, Heating Element HE7K240VS, 7000W-240V, Compatible with EcoSmart, Eemax, iHeat, Rheem, Richmond, Titan Water Heaters, Stainless Steel Material 

Compatibles Models:

  • EeMAX (HA021240) (PR021240) (EEM24021)
  • iHEAT (AHS21D)
  • RHEEM (RTEX-21) (RETEX-21)


      • MODEL: HE7K240VS
      • Power Rating is 7000W-240V
      • Voltage Rating: 220-240 Volts
      • Density is for High Wattage
      • Gasket type O-Ring included
      • Plug type: Screw-in
      • Length of the entire item, from the screws at bottom of plastic plug to the end of element "U" turn: 12 inches
      • Length from end of brass plug with threads to end of element "U" turn: 11 inches (including the brass threads)
      • Length of the anode element material: 10 ½ inches (NOT including the brass threads)
      • Weight of item not including packaging: 15 ounces
      • Sheath material: Stainless Steel
      • Certifications and approvals: UL, CSA

        The Heating Element is Stainless Steel Material, This Materials with a High Corrosion Resistance. Scale and corrosion are a common cause of failure for heating elements.

        IKKY HEAT, USA Brand.

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