BOSTEMP™ XTR-27P All Weather Whole House Tankless Electric Water Heater, 27 KW - 240 Volts - 112 Amps

  • $549.99
  • Save $139.01

The Platinum Series XTR-27P heats 2.0 GPM at a 92°F Temperature rise, it’s the go to tankless water heater perfect providing space and energy savings while offering on demand hot water perfect for small space multiple point of use, the Platinum is ready to meet all of your hot demand applications in your Home and at the same time. High efficiency, space saving and easy installation, the Platinum is perfect for busy families ready to take on their home tasks. The XTR-27P Requires a (3) 40 Amps 240 Volts double pole breaker, using (3 set) AWG# 8/2 wire to connect to your main power supply or disconnect. Using its patent pending quick-mount bracket with level included for under counter or outside easily mounting. The XTR-27P bottom water supply connections are ¾” MPT and can easily be connected to your incoming water supply using your standard heat rated supply lines.


    Cabins, Multi-shower Trailers, Homes, Town houses, Apartments, Beach Rentals, Studio Apartments, Beach Hotel, Beauty Salons, Motorhomes, Trailer Parks, Manufacturing facilities, Condominiums, Multi-unit family homes, Boats, Recreational vehicles, campers


    • Rugged Water Proof Construction, O-ring sealed
    • Approved for outdoor Installation
    • Anti-Freeze Protection technology can be installed in freezing temperatures
    • Patent pending Quick-Mount™ a level integrated single slot mounting system.
    • Automatic temperature control technology
    • Copper heat exchanger, 99.8 Energy Transfer
    • Concealed digital controls for tamper resistant operation
    • IP25 Water & Human Intrusion Proof
    • Copper Sheathed immersion heating elements with male threaded brass plug, inserted into copper heat exchangers for even heat transfer to water and avoid flash heating, major cause of calcium build up.


    • Save, up to 60% in the cost of heating water compared to tank type water heaters, no stand by heat loss.
    • Unlimited supply of hot water
    • Save 100% Interior space when installing outside
    • 99.8% energy efficient
    • Digital Temperature control panel sets temp from 80°F-140F / 25°C-60°C
    • All XTR™ are built with an enclosure that is IP25 Water & Human Intrusion Proof, used for outdoor applications & installations
    • Water supply in 3/4” NPT can be installed using braided supply line, for easy installation., could also be used for whole house.
    • Copper heat exchangers, proven best heat transfer

    Quick Look Specs:

    • Min. flow activate 0.90 GPM
    • Temp rise @ 2.0 gpm 92 °F
    • Temp rise @ 3.0 gpm 62 °F
    • Temp rise @ 4.0 gpm 46 °F
    • Waterproof rating IXP 25
    • Max Water pres. 150 PSI)
    • Heat Exchanger Silver welded copper
    • Req. Breaker (3) 40 Amps Double Pole Breaker
    • AWG# 8/2 (3) Set
    • Amp draw @ 240 Volts - 112 Amps
    • Frequency 50/60 HZ
    • Water Supply connections: ¾” MPT
    • Weight: 18 lbs.
    • Dimensions 19” H x 13” W x 5” D inches
    • Protection Thermal Resettable Cut off
    • Engineered and designed in the USA


    • 3- Years Limited Warranty against leaks
    • 3- Years on electronic components
    • 1- Year on heating elements

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